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dA Stamp - Commish Open by lynkx-ie Paypal Accepted by Nonabolcat

We're having a bit of trouble making ends meet this month on bills and the rent.  We're an inch away from the utilities being shut off, and most of my paycheck goes to groceries, gas to get me to work, and rent.  I need help.

My tablet is out of commission at the moment (no thanks to a certain kitten of mine who decided it was a good idea to chew through Mommy's tablet cord), so all I can offer is traditional media commissions.

Below are the prices and eamples of what I can offer.  If you have an idea that doesn't eactly fit the options, shoot me a note and I can totally work something out with you.  And I am totally into giving discounts for multiple orders.

Shipping is a flat fee of additional $3.  The original pieces will be shipped to you in their own protective sleeves in a no-bend photo mailer via USPS.  If you want tracking, I can upgrade to Priority, with an increase in the shipping cost of course.

Turnaround time is about a week, give or take depending on the amount of work or size of work, not including shipping time.

Right now I'm asking for payment upfront, as I have less than a week to pay my electric and cable (the internet is needed for job hunting and doing this) before they both get disconnected.  If you're not comfortable with this, please let me know and we can work something out.  Also, PAYPAL ONLY at this time.  The mail is just not fast enough to get cash to me before my bills are due.

Now, onto the goodies.  Prices are in USD.

Pencil Sketches : $5-$20
Clean, generally unshaded pencilwork on regular sketchbook paper.
Headshot : $5… .…
Bust : $10…
Full-Body : $20… .… .…

Pencil Bust Portraits Avec Paint : $17
Clean, shaded or unshaded pencilwork on heavy watercolor or acrylic paper. Background is gouache or acrylic.… .…

Clean Linework : $10-$25
Lined pencils done with Microns on regular sketchbook paper (if upgrading from Pencil Sketches) or bristol board (if ordering straight to Linework).
Headshot : $10
Bust : $15…
Full-Body : $25

Flat Colored Pencil Sketches : $10-25
Clean pencilwork colored with colored pencil (Prismacolor and Derwent Colorsoft) or marker (Prismacolor) on bristol board.  No shading.
Headshot : $10
Bust : $15
Full-Body : $25

Flat Colored Linework : $15-30
Clean linework colored with colored pencil (Prismacolor and Derwent Colorsoft) or marker (Prismacolor) with shading on bristol board.
Headshot : $15
Bust : $20
Full-Body : $30

Painted Pencil Sketches : $20-40
Clean pencilwork painted with watercolors, gouache and/or acrylic on Stonehenge paper.  Please note:  I do not offer an inked version of this, because I really don't like the look of inked linework over/under paint.  However, if you have your heart set on inked linework, add $5 to the price.
Headshot : $20…
Bust : $30
Full-Body : $40…

Mied Media ACEOs : $15 - $20
Pencil, colored pencil, marker and/or paint on 2.5"3.5" bristol board or illustration board.
Single Layer : $15… .… .…
Double Layer : $20… .…

Etras :
Etra things that are not included in the base price. This does not apply to ACEOs.
Background/Setting : +$10
2+ Characters: +$5 Headshot, +$10 Bust, +$20 Full-Body for EACH etra character.

Comment here or Note me to order or if you have questions.  I have a completely open work list and no waiting list.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your patronage, and I will do my best to create a piece you will really love.

<3 KOU

[1] Melukilan [ygal] - waiting sketch approval
[2] Uwila [ygal] - planning
[3] Sammiwolf [ygal] - planning
[4] Kiterie [ygal] - waiting for details
[5] Duello [DA] - waiting for details
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Hey guys.  Dropped off the face of the earth there for a bit.  Being a senior in college will do that to you.

Been working on a lot this semester.  Oil paintings to be exact.  Keep an eye out for more work, and I tell you it's very different from my digital work.  I may have to do a purge of my gallery soon-ish.  it's getting way out of hand.

Also, new contact information below - if anyone wants to get ahold of me or swap Follows or Friends or what have you, let me know! <-- twitter account <-- website <-- sketch blog <-- Facebook.

<3  you all.
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[Amendment]  At the mention by a friend of mine, I'm a little odd-feeling about accepting donations - i just prefer to work for money earned but I would never turn down any kindness.  If you aren't interested in a commission but would still like to help out, donations can be sent via Paypal to  ANY amount is helpful, it really is, and it would be so appreciated.  Thank you!

I have finally finished my price list and TOS for my regular commissions!  My slots are completely open and there is currently no limit.

Check out… for more information - if you would like to commission me, please Note me here on DA or email me at!

Also, my digital portrait sale is still ongoing until Feb 29th!…

All proceeds go toward moving us out at the end of next month.  Our lease is running out and our current place is pretty terrible, so we are not renewing the lease - which means we need to move our asses out by March 1st.  Money is extremely tight at the moment, so I am taking commissions to supplement the costs of keeping myself, my roommate, and our two cats off the street.  We literally have nowhere else to go if we cannot get the money together.

If you can commission me, THANK YOU SO MUCH!  If you can't, thank you for reading this at least, and if you could pass on the word or pimp me out, it would be so very much appreciated!

<3 KOU, Draco, and Freya and Peppo
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[EDIT THE SECOND]  Added a small cell-shaded headshot sale into this mix!  Check HERE (non-furry, SFW) for examples and more information (so I don't clutter this too much.

[EDIT] Awesome, so our rent check bounced this month, and I won't have the entirety of next month's rent, let alone moving out funds. I'm slashing these further in hopes of enticing someone to take a slot or two. Please, I'd really appreciate the help. We really don't want to end up on the street instead of in a nicer apartment. Thank you.


Hello all my lovely watchers (and non-watchers who stumble across this)!  I'm in need of moving-out funds and bills are sucking up the majority of my paychecks, so I'd like to open a small handful of slots for portraits like this one:………

These can be monochromatic or full-color and are fully shaded rather than cell-shaded bust portraits.  Commissioners get a full-sized 200-dpi file and an optional cropped 100px icon.  :3

Single character:  $15 USD  $10 USD

Single character: $25 USD  $20 USD

1 Extra character is an additional $5.  Backgrounds are only complementary single color or variegated colors and are included.

PAYPAL ONLY.  1/2 upfront is required before work is started, then the other 1/2 upon approval of water-marked version.  Full-sized file is delivered after full payment is complete.  **NO money is spent until the pieces are complete!**

Note me or comment here for one!

Thanks, loves!
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I turn 26.

Kinda wish I had a reason to be excited about it.  I think once you hit 25, there aren't any ages left to look forward to.  And it just reminds me of how so not mature I am despite my age (which bothers me from time to time).  Meh.  

And I get to spend the morning hauling my ass up at ass o'clock in the morning for a donut shift, just to get to be told all morning everything I do wrong and how bad I am at my job.  IF I'M SO BAD AT IT, BITCH, THEN STOP SCHEDULING ME FOR IT.  You don't get to shake your finger at me, then keep scheduling me for it so you can continue to do so.  I'm so fucking close to walking out of that shithole.

Goodie fucking gumdrops.

On the up side, Silvie's coming up tomorrow, and gaming on Saturday, so i AM excited about that.  Fuck working on Saturday, I'm calling out sick, and they can kiss my lily white Irish ass.

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CHRISTMAS 2011 SALE!  Say "kiss off!" to big box stores and support independent artists!  My Storenvy shop EYE + FORK is open for good, providing customers with original artwork, prints, and more coming soon!  And from now until December 24th, everything in the shop is 20% OFF!  Use the coupon code BAHUMBUG2011 and start shopping! <3
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I got to making a tumblr to post sketches and WIPs - trying to clean this account up a bit and figured that'd be the best place to dump stuff.

Also, I finally got around to making a placeholder portfolio website while my friend :iconappledore: works on my real website (because she's such a peach)!

LOL weebly.

anyway, I'd love some watchers!  Link me to your art tumblrs (or non art tumblrs) and we can swap!
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Seriously.  A nor'easter on Halloween weekend.  Not only that but it was a nor'easter so early in the season and yet it KICKED OUR ASS on a January-weather level.  WHAT.  THE.  FUCK.  And here I heard we were gonna have a mild winter.  :/  Idk anymore.

Got out to my car last night after work and was clearing off the snow with my sleeve (cuz lol i don't have my scraper in the car).  I happened to look up at the sky over toward the northeast corner of the parking lot and suddenly saw the whole sky light up like lightning had struck.  At the same time, all the lights went down in the stores and the streetlamps and the traffic lights.  It did this three time in succession, with a really loud electrical humming sound. D:  The third time the lights went down and stayed down.  It was totally scary!  I've never seen a transformer blow like that!  It was MASSIVE.  And really scary driving home cuz all these branches were hanging down heavily on the wires across the street - one of them i bet would have touched the vehicle if i had been driving a big rig.  I found where the transformer had blown, because it was showering sparks like crazy.  D:  I was so glad to get home and discover we had power (ended up losing it about 11 o clock, but got it back around 4 am the next morning - fucking fire alarm screeched and woke me up).

It's cold out now.  But I have a warm kitten on my lap and that makes the snow more bearable.  Hope everyone else is safe and sound!
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Just cleaning up my submissions here - deleting old stuff (or moving it into scraps).  I need to use this account as a placeholder for my better pieces until I can get my website and a proper portfolio together.  I'm not getting rid of EVERYTHING, but I am being pickier about what I put up here.

That being said, I put together an art tumblr in order to dump old stuff i like and sketches/WIPs.  Anyone who wants to follow me can follow me here.  i love following art blogs, so lets swap!
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Sorry for the lack of updates of really anything, guys.  I'm just completely swamped these days.  I've gone back to school to finish my BA in Fine Arts, and this semester I have 5 classes to contend with.  Add onto that the 30-35 hours i've worked the last few weeks, plus commission work I've been trying very hard to work on, PLUS an upcoming art show in 10 days that I'm not completely prepared for.  T^T  I get little sleep these days.

Miss you guys and I really wish I had more work to put up.  I feel as though I've been slacking, but can it be considered slacking when you have no time for it?  I don't know.

I gotta go work on my sculpture for Primary Studios class now - this is a complete redo and I'm insane for attempting it when critique is tomorrow.  God, or anyone who's listening really, give me strength.
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I've got another deck available for commission! It's a 7.75" Canadian maple California blank - made in the USA! I'm thinking of doing another animal-themed design, acrylics and/or inks with gold or silver leaf details. Asking $80 + shipping, half upfront and half + shipping when finished. Comment HERE to claim it! Or if you have a different design in mind, contact me and we can negotiate (i have one extra deck available if it comes to this). ♥ you guys!

examples of decks
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New entry in my art blog!  EYE + FORK : art blog

Also, keep a close eye on my FB fanpage if anyone's interested in commissioning a custom painted skateboard deck!  They run for $80 + shipping, so keep your eyes peeled!
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Just kinda scrambling and scuffling around these days, getting work together for the September skate deck show (whoo!) and getting my blog and shop and all that internet crap together.  I really need to step up my game here.  I know I'm falling behind and some days it feels like flailing in quicksand and that feeling kills me.  I need to work harder.

That said, have some links.

art page on FB
art blog
art shop

I'll have to update the gallery with a couple new pieces, and clean out a lot of junk. But first:  laundry now and stitch'n'bitch tonight!
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Note to self: 12 days late on the rent garners an eviction warning. My landlords are a bunch of pricks. :/ Oh and looking up cheaper apartments, Draco found an ad for an apartment in this building that looks NOTHING like our flat. and oh hey, where's our hardwood floors? where's our free A/C? where's our freshly painted walls sans half-assed graffiti? Screw you guys. Damn this 1-year lease.

Also, someone's watching over me. I got screwed on my raise, but I still got a bonus check deposited into my account. It's just enough to save our apartment. Whoever's got my back up there, THANK YOU. And to those who have my back down here, THANK YOU. ♥

Now back to sending out resumes to hospitals and private practices like hell, while looking for a second job as backup.  I can't take much more of this spread-so-thin-you-can-see-through-it bullshit.

Also I get the sneaking suspicion that my prints didn't sell.  I'll find out on Wednesday.
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New livejournal, guys.  For those who care, it's


if you wanna be frands, lemme know!  Comment here or note me (if you wanna keep it secret) with your lj's name so i know who you are. :3

Been super super busy.  Started externship two weeks ago at a doctor's office in North Andover, MA.  Worked 39 hours there (unpaid) and 26 at the Job From Hell (paid) each week.  I wanna cry a little.  This is going to be a long remaining 3 weeks of this crap.

Sad thing is, i'd rather be at the doctor's office than at my paying job. T^T

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So today's my 25th birthday.  And I'm spending it screwing around on the computer all morning, armed with a huge mug of Irish Breakfast tea w/ sugar, and then I'll follow with at least one Clint Eastwood movie (I bought Dirty Harry and Pale Rider at WalMart, both of which I have not seen yet), registering my car, then going to work.

TOMORROW, however, my bestie and I are trotting off to Portsmouth for the day.  I love that city, especially the waterfront.  Gonna do my best just to spend money on lunch and not buy crap.  Already bought myself a birthday present (clover plugs from Omerica!  squee!), so I don't have that excuse anymore.  It'll be fun!

Got my Tumblr up and running again.  I need to play catchup.  Just art and music I like, and the occassional post about my slowly-growing plug collection.  And maybe something about school, once I have something worthwhile to post besides grades-bragging.  3.87 CUMULATIVE GPA, BITCHES.  HOLLAH.  lol  Any new bodymods will get posted too, though those aren't happening til at least the summer, when I have a better paying job.

25% off commission sale still going on!

<3 KOU
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Want some custom art? Note me OR email me at!

! 25% OFF TIL JAN 31 !

Working List
name - paid status - comm type - working status



These prices cover ONE character.  See EXTRAS for prices for extra characters.  Also, prices don't change if the characters are full-body, half-body, etc (Bust Sketches are the only exception).

Sketch $10 $7.50
digital or traditional

Inked $20 - $25 $15 - $18.75
digital or traditional: $20 inking, $25 inking + single-color shading

Colored $30 - $45 $22.50 - $33.75
$30 monochromatic digital/traditional | $35 full-color digital | $40 full-color traditional

Icons $10 single/3-set for $25 $7.50 single/3-set for 18.75
digital full-colored, w/ 300x300 and 100x100 versions

Badges $15 - $20 $11.25 - $15
$15 digital, $20 traditional - extra $5 for sleeve and pin/lanyard

Bookmarks $10 - $15 $7.50 - $11.25
$10 digital, $15 traditional - full-color -  2.5"x6" - up to 2 characters per bookmark

Chibi $15 $11.25
digital - full color w/ 2-tone bg

ATCs $10 - $15 $7.50 - $11.25
traditional mixed media on vellum bristol - $10 for single-layer, $15 for scrapbook bg
(single character only)


"discernable" background $10 $7.50
2+ characters $10/character $7.50/character
additional prints $5/print $3.75/print



All digital commissions will have the 300-dpi file provided to client, and comes with a free first-print option (shipping not included). Traditional commissions, the client will receive the original.

Shipping is $3 US First Class/$5 International, in no-bend photo envelopes via USPS.



PAYPAL ONLY. Cash/Money Orders are no longer accepted, with my apologies.

I primarily request payment up front - if you are uncomfortable with this, I will do 50% upfront and 50% when finished. Please specify if you would prefer the 50%-50% when you place the order, otherwise I will expect payment in full.


Please note me with your initial order/inquiry.  We can work out details through AIM or MSN messenger.  I prefer working things through "face to face" so there are no misunderstandings (and it's a lot faster).

Major edits are free up to 3 before inking stage. Edits to lineart AFTER the inking stage, or past 3 in the sketch stage are $5 each. Please, to prevent this, be as specific as possible before the start of the commission. I always have the client check over the sketch before the inking stage for confirmation. (changing colors digitally, however, does not warrant this charge.)

I reserve the right to refuse work for anyone who abuses or harasses me - or anyone at all, but especially abusers.

I reserve the right to not do fetishes I am uncomfortable with.  These include, but are not limited to:  scat/watersports, vore, MATURE shota/loli, extreme guro and bestiality.  If you have a particular fetish I have not listed and are unsure, please feel free to ask me first - there's really very little I will not do under any circumstances.

I am willing to try buildings/cars/guns/etc, but please be understanding that this is not my forte and I will try my best.

Thank you!
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Just tremendously busy.  Between school and working my tail off, I haven't had time much for art, and that saddens me greatly.  But I'm still alive and dropping in to say so and that I love you all and I should go before the Smirnoff decides to start typing instead. :D  <3
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So the apartment I was trying to get money together for fell through - no cats allowed and Draco and I have one each.  But screw getting rid of our cats!  We'll just stay here then..  until I just can't stand her family anymore and I slaughter them all. :/  So I'll just put commission money (right..) away for a laptop.  Toshiba has a Sattelite for $399!  I don't have it upfront, and I doubt they'll approve me for their credit card (hah, which is 29% APR! fuck that!), so it'll have to wait.  My current laptop's done at this point, so I'll just have to use Draco's for now and get more into the habit of traditional media work.

So yeah.  the commission specials are still open, for laptop reasons now.

On the plus side, I got 98s on both my tests in Medical Terminology.  Got another one Monday, and a test in Clinical 1 on Tuesday.  and my grades for that computer class I tested out of and my Health Care Processes (that class was a joke) class are 86 and 92 respectively.  Not too shabby.

I'm gonna go paint on sketchbooks some more..
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Dudes.  Okay.  I CAN'T EVEN GET THROUGH MY DEVIATION WATCHES WITHOUT BEING OVERWHELMED BY AWESOME.  Worse, it makes me want to paint.  Like really really hardcore makes me want to paint.  Right now, I wanna call out of my regular job tonight IN THE WORST WAY, just to go home and paint and screw around with stuff.  I wanna practice colored pencils again.  I wanna finish painting on the front of my sketchbook.  I never get to do stuff anymore because when I'm not at work or at school, I'm drained and/or sleeping.  :/

SO STOP BEING AWESOME OKAY?  It makes me want to work and I don't get the time anymore to.

<3 Kou
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